Friday, January 15, 2010

Symantec Threat Forecast 2010 Webinar: A Good Way to Start the Year

Okay, so the year has already started, but how many hours have you spent pondering your information security strategy for 2010? If the answer is zero, then there's a webinar on January 19 you should sign up for here. If your answer was greater than zero then: a. Good for you, seriously! b. Ask yourself if you could use some well-informed speculation about what is coming down the pike in 2010, threat-wise, seriously. Consider:
"With compromised computers issuing 83% of the 107 billion spam messages distributed globally each day, the shutdown of botnet hosting ISPs, such as McColo in 2008 and Real Host in 2009, appear to have made botnets re-evaluate and enhance their backup strategy to enable recovery in just hours.

"It is predicted that in 2010 botnets will become autonomously intelligent, with each node containing an inbuilt self-sufficient coding in order to coordinate and extend its own survival."
 *Source: MessageLabs Intelligence 2009 Annual Security Report

Not that all the threats to your data in 2010 are botnets, far from it, but the continued rise of botnets puts pressure on all levels of security, from end points to servers and even analog attack points like employee compromise. In 2010 we will continue to experience the knock-on effects of the marketization of compromised systems and personal data that can pry open system access. Register for the webinar now and you can get the MessageLabs Intelligence 2009 Annual Security Report. See you on the 19th.