Friday, April 23, 2010

The Feed to Read When You Need Cyber-Security Info

I think I have mentioned David Kennedy's information security updates before. I get them on FriendFeed but you can read them on Google as well (and that might be more convenient for some people).

David consistently flags the most interesting cyber-security stories out there and is a great resource if you want to stay current. Here's just one example, a very elaborate phishing scam recently perpetrated via Gmail, as written up by Cyveillance.

So why is there a Dilbert comic in this post? Well, reading a constant stream of breaches and scams and cyber-crimes is not much fun and can be somewhat overwhelming when you are responsible for fighting an uphill and inherently asymmetric battle to keep your systems safe.

But what else are you going to do? If you don't stay informed, you could fall prey to a "known attack" and that is no fun at all.

So I pasted in some Dilbert for light relief. I actually licensed this strip and several others for the 1996 edition of my guide to PC and LAN security. As I recall, Dilbert creator Scott Adams was a lot more helpful than some other cartoonists I contacted back then. Thanks Scott!