Monday, January 20, 2020

Happy New Year? Decade? 2020?

Greetings! I am happy you're here, reading this page, because now that I'm no longer writing for We Live Security, this blog is one of the ways I will continue to share what I hope is useful research and analysis. (There's more on the big changes I made in 2019 here.)

I really do hope that you have a happy and safe and satisfying 2020, and a fulfilling decade, but I put those question marks up there in the title because right now I see serious challenges ahead. Frankly, I'm not sure the world is ready, or able, or even willing, to meet them.

But gloomy as that may sound, I do see some bright spots; I mean, the 2020 puns are bound to wear out soon, right? And people will eventually stop saying things like "I can see clearly now that 2020 is here." Which reminds me of the 2015 TEDx event in San Diego that was actually called 20/20 Vision.

I had the honor of speaking at that event. My topic was cybersecurity, cybercrime, and the need for more women and minorities in technology leadership. I framed these remarks (yes there's a pun there if you like), as a choice between two futures.

And of course, that means I have a lot more work ahead of me - explaining what we're doing wrong, why we're doing it wrong, and how critical it is that we change. But just for the record, here's that 2015 talk. Happy 2020?