Cybersecurity Awareness

Here are 31 articles created for Cybersecurity Awareness Month, from Day One to Day 31. Some articles are short, others quite long. You are free to use this work within your company's security awareness programs or within your educational or non-profit organization. 

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Although these articles were written in 2020, they are still relevant today and offer a unique perspective on cybersecurity awareness that has evolved over more than three decades working in this field. I hope you find them helpful!

  1. Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Time to get smart about ending digital technology abuse
  2. Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Day Two: Basic Training
  3. Cybersecurity Awareness Month, D3: Learning can be fun
  4. Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Day 4. The week's theme? If You Connect It, Protect It
  5. Why do we need cybersecurity awareness?
  6. Situational Crime Prevention and Security Awareness
  7. Situational Crime Prevention, Security Awareness, and Cybercrime
  8. 3 Ways to Improve Our Chances of a Bright Digital Future
  9. The Internet of Things to Get Smart About
  10. In praise of vendor-neutral cybersecurity awarenes
  11. Cybersecurity awareness, history and the ethics factor
  12. Cybercrime victim support: positive developments, growing resources
  13. Basic resources for learning more about cybersecurity
  14. Hacking is not a crime, and other problems with words in cybersecurity awareness
  15. Apartment related scams and the Internet as fraud multiplier
  16. We interrupt regular programming with this FBI message
  17. Old school security awareness, a blast from the digitial past
  18. Warnings, alarms, and an aneurysm: the awareness juggling act
  19. Authentication Factor 1: Something you know, like a password
  20. Authentication Factor 2: Something you have, like your phone
  21. Authentication Factor 3: Something you are, like your thumbprint
  22. What's different about health data security? A lot!
  23. Facing the challenge of protecting health data from abuse
  24. Cybersecurity resources for your modestly-sized buusiness
  25. Time and awareness and other security musings
  26. Cybersecurity for our hyperconnected future
  27. From ransomware to blackmail: cybercrime takes a nasty, evil turn
  28. Are you aware of the cybersecurity skills gap?
  29. Cybersecurity awareness: Why some people get it, more than others
  30. Cybersecurity needs more women, now and in the future
  31. Thanks for reading and heeding. Please #BeCyberSmart!


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