Thursday, October 08, 2020

3 Ways to Improve Our Chances of a Bright Digital Future (Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Day 8)

After several long, text-heavy articles, I thought I would post something more visual for day 8 of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, 2020. I decided to use video of a talk that was recorded in 2015 because the content is still very relevant today.

Somewhat ironically, I gave this talk at the 2015 TEDx San Diego which had as its theme "20/20 Vision." The idea was for each speaker to present a vision of the future, five years out, given their field of expertise. 

Now, if you are familiar with the "TED talk" concept, you know that it is not considered good form to leave your audience depressed and without hope. But if you are familiar with cybersecurity, you can probably relate to the fact that, in 2015, I was not feeling optimistic about the future, given the rate at which criminals were breaching systems and companies were ignoring data privacy principles.

Upon reflection, I decided there were in fact some signs of hope and/or calls to action that would be worth presenting, particularly if I could combine these with useful lessons that I was learning in my criminology studies and my work for a major security software company that was deeply committed to cybersecurity awareness and education (ESET).

As you will see, my talk closes with three things we can all do. As I look at these again now that 2020 is here, I can assure they still need doing.  
  • Exercise our civic rights to encourage politicians to allocate more resources for law enforcement to catch more cybercriminals more quickly. 
  • Use our buying power as consumers to chose safer, more secure digital products.
  • Strive in whatever ways we can to get more women and minorities involved in decision-making in technology.
Enjoy the video (it packs a lot into 13 minutes). And #BeCyberSmart.


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