Saturday, October 31, 2020

Thanks for reading and heeding. Please #BeCyberSmart! (Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Day 31)

Vote for those committed to doing more about cybersecurity than has been done so far
Vote for those committed to doing
a lot more about cybersecurity
than has been done so far
This is blog post 31 of the 31 posts that I pledged to write in October, 2020, for Cybersecurity Awareness Month, an international effort to help people improve the security of their devices and protect the privacy of their data.

There is a lot more that I wanted to say, and I will get round to saying it in the coming weeks. However, for the moment, there is just time for some final cybersecurity awareness thoughts. 

We should all heed the advice that has been dished up during the month, from locking down our logins and limiting access to all of our connected digital devices, to being careful how and where we reveal sensitive personal information. 

But the world now faces unprecedented levels of criminal behavior in cyberspace, and in my opinion a lot more of the heavy lifting in cybersecurity must be done by governments. Firstly, by taking seriously the need to achieve global consensus that abuse of digital technology is wrong, morally reprehensible, and will be prosecuted. Secondly, by funding efforts to enforce that consensus at levels many times greater than the paltry sums that have been allocated so far. 

So I will close the month by repeating something that I said back on Day 22:

Whenever we vote to elect representatives, we can vote for those most likely to take all this as seriously as it needs to be taken.

Take care, stay safe, and #BeCyberSmart

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