Friday, October 02, 2020

Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Day Two: Basic Training

Welcome to the second day of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, 2020. The good news today is that a. it's Friday, and b. there is a lot of good cybersecurity awareness raising resources available for free, via the Internet. In other words, for any organization or individual, the main cost of raising cybersecurity awareness—and thus improving the security of valued information and the systems that process it—is time, not money. 

Okay, so there's a good case for saying time = money, but if you're the one person in your organization—or family—who is really concerned about the bad things that can happen to valued information and the systems that process it, the fact that you don't have to lay out cash to move forward with cybersecurity awareness raising efforts.

For example, as one of the world's largest and most experienced security software companies, ESET has amassed considerable expertise in communicating all aspects of cybersecurity. Company now provides a free version of its Cybersecurity Awareness Training that is well worth checking out.

Many years ago, my good friend Winn Schwartau started The Security Awareness Company. Dedicated to producing high quality materials across all types of media, the company was acquired by a firm called KnowBe4 which now offers a range of free IT security tools. and this free online course: Social Media: Staying Connected in a Secure World.

And, as I said yesterday, for traditional cybersecurity awareness information, I suggest you start with the orange Resources button on this website: Stay Safe Online. As the month progresses, I will be posting more free resources for cybersecurity awareness training programs.


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