Cybersecurity Resources

On this page I am curating resources that be useful to infosec professionals, both established and aspiring. This page should keep growing and will eventually get more organized.

Getting to know CISOs: Challenging assumptions about closing the cybersecurity skills gap, a Security and Risk Management masters' degree dissertation (pdf) 

Free computer security incident response plan templates, from San Diego's Alan Watkins:

Free information security policy, from a very reputable source:

And there is a lot more good stuff on PeerLyst.

Free security awareness materials from a reputable company:

Cybersecurity training and awareness, resources for educators:

Cybercrime metrics, policy issues, awareness: a collection of vendor-neutral articles and studies:

Public attitudes to cybersecurity and cybercrime in the US a report based on EU-style barometer survey.

Building automation system security and siegeware, article contains a good list of resources:

Economic Report to the President, Together with the Annual Report of the Council of Economic Advisers, February 2018, contains interesting analysis of Cumulative Abnormal returns:
Chapter 7: Fighting Cybersecurity Threats to the Growing Economy

Women creating infosec career opportunities, a website and book:
Secure the InfoSec Bag: Six Figure Career Guide for Women in Security
(I've heard Keirsten speak on this: great advice, and strategies I'd never thought of.)

More to come...