Thursday, February 04, 2010

2 Security Tips: David Kennedy and the Symantec Threat Forecast 2010 Webinar Recording

Just a quick post to point to the archived version of the Symantec MessageLabs Threat Forecast 2010 Webinar/webcast that I mentioned in my previous post: A Good Way to Start the Year. Definitely worth watching.

Also worth watching as we make our way forward into a fresh decade of information system security challenges, are the updates from David Kennedy. You can catch them on FriendFeed and for me they are just the right mix of security alert. Not too granular, but most likely to include the stuff you don't want to miss. David's been at this a long time and become wise in the ways of the security world (for a short time in the mid-nineties we were co-workers at NCSA, later ISCA Labs and TruSecure). You can also catch David's blog at Verizon Business.

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