Friday, March 05, 2021

Secu-ring video doorbells and other 'smart' security cameras: some helpful links

Photo of a doorbell by Yan Ots. Available freely on @unsplash.

Are you thinking of installing a video doorbell or smart security camera? Are you concerned about the security of the one you have already installed? These links should help: 

How to secure your Ring camera and account

Ring security camera settings

Video doorbell security: How to stop your smart doorbell from being hacked

How the WYZE camera can be hacked

How to secure your WYZE security camera account

How to protect 'smart' security cameras and baby monitors from cyber attack

Yes, your security camera could be hacked: Here's how to stop spying eyes

On a related topic, and as a way to understand how hackers look for vulnerabilities in digital devices, check out this article at Hackaday: It links to a cool, four-part reverse engineering exercise by Alex Oporto:


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