Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Next Big Enterprise Threat? It's time to think SaaS = Software as a Service

I recently asked my good friend and security guru David Brussin for his thoughts on emerging threats to enterprise security. In response he posted a very interesting entry on his blog about SaaS. I highly recommend this to CIOs and CSOs as well as CISSPs.

And for readers who are none of the above, and thus in danger of drowning in initials and acronyms, let me make it clear that:

SaaS = Software as a Service
SARS = Secure Acute Respiratory Syndrome (a non-IT enterprise threat)
SpIT = Spam over Internet Telephony (VOiP)
SpIM = Spam over Instant Messenger
CISSP = Certified Information System Security Professional

Hopefully this will help folks disambiguate a few of these threatening things.

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